Ferrari F12 Berlinetta wrapped in 3M 1080 Gloss Ember Black

  • Before-Ferrari F12 Ember Black Wrap
    After-Ferrari F12 Ember Black Wrap
    Before Ferrari F12 Ember Black Wrap After

This rare and impressive Ferrari F12 Berlinetta was brought to us in its gloss black “Nero” bodywork. Our customer is a fan of black cars, however wanted to protect the original paintwork and add something extra and personal to the exterior.

The Wrap

3M’s 1080 “Gloss Ember Black” was chosen, it’s a deep metallic black which has gold and red metallic flakes in it, which come alive when light hits the bodywork at the right angles – it’s a great detail that you don’t notice at first!

We have a wealth of experience wrapping in this material, and we’ve worked on F12 Berlinettas before, so our team can work very effectively on the car, producing a perfect result.

The red rear light clusters were also given a light tint, making them look colour-less until illuminated, which continues the black theme. We customised the badges in a new Black Chrome finish, again to tone down it down.


The finished car, whilst still Black, looks very impressive, the combination of all of the customisation elements has created a stealthy Ferrari F12 supercar, which has a massive presence on the road.

The combination with the Ferrari carbon fibre trim sections also work really well with the high-metallic wrap we’ve fitted, and this new finish will help protect the factory Ferrari paintwork from scratches and stone chips.