Ferrari 488 GTB – Gloss Black Roof Wrap

  • Before-Ferrari 488 GTB Roof Wrap
    After-Ferrari 488 GTB Roof Wrap
    Before Ferrari 488 GTB Roof Wrap After

Ferrari 488 GTB – Gloss Black Roof Wrap

Brand new for 2016 – The Ferrari 488 is now available and this is the first one we’ve had in. Following our experience of customising the Ferrari 458 with contrasting roof wraps, we applied the same idea, but this time on the stunning new 488 GTB (Gran Tourismo Berlinetta).

The Wrap

As this was a new vehicle to us, care was taken to learn the best way to wrap the roof of this vehicle. The trim is carefully removed, and wrapped seperately to ensure the finish is consistent. The entire roof section and front ‘A’ pillars are wrapped in a single piece of vinyl, and the new 3M 1380 wrapping material offers a deep, high quality finish.

The windows were also lightly tinted by Pentagon Yorkshire for a subtle blend into the (now black) roof.

New Look

The 488 GTB comes as standard with beautiful Ferrari styling, however with the addition of a contrasting roof the car stands out and gives it a lower, sleeker appearance.
Roofs, mirrors and other trim areas can also be wrapped, as well as entire colour change wraps for the car.

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