Carbon Wrapped Ferrari 458 – Sills and Roof

ferrari 458 carbon roof angled front

Carbon Wrapped Ferrari 458 – Sills and Roof

Adding a new texture to the iconic shape of the Ferrari 458 is something that needs to be done exceptionally well to pull it off; and the roof wrap we fitted to this example meets the highest standards.


Before the work began, we had a range of previous examples to show and choose from, examples of Ferrari 458 sections wrapped in different finishes and textures. It was chosen that we’d wrap the entire roof section, rear engine cover and lower side sills in 3M’s 1080 Black Carbon vinyl.

The work begins by giving the areas to be wrapped a thorough clean. This ensures that the vinyl will bond well and give a great, long-lasting finish. The rear Ferrari badging is removed, and the A-pillar trims are removed, so each section can be wrapped easily, free of obstruction.

The Wrap

Great care is taken to wrap the separate areas of the roof, engine cover and sills, ensuring all original body color is covered and protected by the vinyl. The textured 3M vinyl is smoothly applied. As the vinyl has a directional, diagonal pattern on it, we ensure that the carbon weave lines up and continues between panels.

When a panel is completed, the vinyl is carefully trimmed to size, giving a neat and precise finish.

The completed wrap work has given the 458 a new look, with added detail when viewed close-up. A roof wrap always makes a big improvement to the shape of the Ferrari, helping to break-up the body colour and create a lower and more streamlined looking car.

The owner of this stunning car was very pleased with the results, and now has a Ferrari that looks even better than it did before.