Brand New ID. Buzz Cargo by Volkswagen is here!

Recently released by Volkswagen the new, revolutionary ID. Buzz Cargo has now arrived at Reforma UK and has received a brand new look by getting the roof wrapped in 3M Matte Metallic Aluminium vinyl. Putting Gloss Lime Green and Matte Aluminium Grey together creates the perfect contrast; making this already great vehicle stand out even more!



If you are not familiar with it yet, the ID. Buzz Cargo is the electric light commercial vehicle combining look, mobility and sustainability like no other van currently on the market. The ID. Buzz Cargo offers comfort and convenience for long journeys, provides sufficient loading space and is matched with a high-quality interior- a look you won’t see anywhere else. Volkswagen’s first all-electric van was visually inspired by the first campervan and the functionality was designed to make your working life easier – put it all together and you get the powerful, sustainable and reliable commercial vehicle that will be an asset to everyday life.




All electric with a light centre of gravity, rear-axle steering and a tight turning circle of about 11 metres makes it perfect for confined city environments. It’s as convenient as it gets – the battery can be charged to 80% capacity in around 30 minutes using a 170 kW DC fast charging system and it will also charge from any conventional household socket.  The three-seat layout is wide enough for three adults and the dashboard includes a large 10-inch colour touchscreen housing all the important functions and driver assist systems, such as Park Assist Plus with Memory Function (it allows the van to automatically manoeuvre in and out of parking spots), Car2X which warns of hazards on routes and the latest version of Travel Assist, which combines Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keep Assist.



Whilst it originally comes in only 9 different paint options, here at Reforma we can make anything happen. You can choose any colour and finish from over 100 different samples and we will transform your Buzz into whatever you can imagine. If you want to add your personalised branding, graphics, print or use colour split combinations then we have it covered. Based in West Yorkshire we are the top to offer Vehicle Wrapping services, Digital Print, Car Customisation and Car Modification services.

One of the first companies offering the ID. Buzz on the market, and the first to offer complete colour customisation!


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