Aston Martin vs Jaguar | James Bond Spectre

Aston Martin James Bond Spectre

At the end of 2014 we heard the launch of the new James Bond Spectre movie, which will hit the big screens later this year in November 2015. With a new all star cast such as, Christoph Waltz, Andrew Scott, Dave Batista, Monica Bellucci and Lea Saydoux. . . . .but the start of the show has to be the all new Aston Martin DB10. The Aston Martin DB10 was built specifically for Bond. Aston Martin Design Chief, Marek Reichman worked closely with the film’s director Sam Mendes, to create the ultimate car for the Bond franchise.
Aston Martin James Bond Spectre

The DB10 is aimed at being ‘the poster car for every boy watching James Bond for the first time’ much like the DB5 was as the original iconic Bond car. The DB10 is a pure, simple and honest Aston Martin like the original DB5, but still manages to pull off futuristic aesthetics. The star of the new Bond film feels like a nod towards the future of what we can expect to see on the road from Aston martin. However, the DB10 will be a limited production run of just 10 cars, three of which have been built so far.
Aston Martin James Bond Spectre

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any better, with the stunning Aston Martin Db10 being the stare of an all new bond film . . . rumours started to circulate over which car exactly would be announced for the ‘villain’ of the movie. With the recent brand slogan ‘good to be bad’, it’s no surprise all eyes are directed towards Jaguar with the rumours circulating over a second stunning car in the movie.

There’s no officially confirmation from Jaguar over staring in the new bond movie but didn’t deny anything either, only confirming that a official announcement will be made in 2015. The stunning Jaguar CX-75 is set to take to the big screen head to head against the Aston Martin. The news of the Jaguar came just a few weeks after the officially confirmation of the Aston Martin, and many are looking forward to seeing which car outshines the other on the big screen, with debates already circling amongst fans, over which is there favourite.

Aston Martin James Bond Spectre

This would not be the first time one of Bond’s villains has driven a Jaguar. In the 2006 Bond movie, Casino Royal the Jaguar XJ shows up in the final scene, and which Bond fan can forget the incredible ice battle between the Aston Martin Vanquish and Jaguar XKR in the 2002 Die Another Day.
James Bond Spectre

Hopefully in the weeks to come Jaguar and Bond Spectre can confirm details more, however until then we can only sit, wait and build our excitement for an epic battle between Aston Martin Db10 and the Jaguar CX-75.

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