Lamborghini Huracan Paint Protection

£2160.00 inc. VAT

Protect your Lamborghini's paintwork with a high quality Paint Protection kit. This high tech film is almost invisible and can be removed at any time, revealing fresh unblemished paintwork.

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What is Paint Protection Film?

Protect your paint with a Paint Protection Kit. This product is created using high quality 3M Ventureshield material which is a clear layer of film, that protect paint against stonechips, scratches and blemishing. It is usually applied to the front of the vehicle, as this is where the majority of stone chips hit the bodywork; however the full kit includes the lower side areas too as these can suffer from stone chips.

Protection Areas

Fully removable, this product protects a wide range of areas including:

1. Lower Front
2. Upper Front
3. Headlights
4. Full Wings
5. Full Bonnet
6. Wing Mirrors
7. Lower Sides

Further Reading: The Ventureshield Fitting Process

The vehicle is first thoroughly cleaned, then we move it into our temperature controlled workshop, where we prepare the surfaces by cleaning them to an immaculate standard, removing any dirt, grease or residue left.

We then fit the transparent Ventureshield film on the bodywork, fitting each piece precisely on the panels to ensure a great fit and neat look, once the film is fitted you should not be able to tell it’s there at all!

After the film is fitted, the vehicle is cleaned down and checked for quality to ensure the finish is perfect.