Hydro Dipping is a process that allows an object to have a colour, pattern or design applied to the surface in a permanent, high quality finish. This allows custom finishes to be overlaid using a specialist water transfer method. 

Unlike vinyl, this method uses a material suspended in water – in a semi-liquified state – meaning it can be applied to very awkward shapes and sizes. Vinyl becomes much more effective on larger items as hydro dipping is limited by the size of the tanks used.

Our Hydro Dipping Service

Our Hydro Dipping Service works in a very simple way.

1. Send us the parts you would like dipped.

2. We will provide you with a quotation for your chosen finish, together with any additional work that is required to prepare the parts for dipping.

3. Leave your parts with us and we will either return them to you upon completion or inform you that they are ready for collection.

4. Our team can fit them for you if you wish. If applicable, the price for this service will be included in your quotation.

If you would like an idea of price, please complete the form on the right. Ultimately we need to inspect the parts you want hydro dipping before we can give an accurate quotation, however we will gladly provide an estimate first.


Further Reading: The Hydro Dipping Process

A base coat material is applied to the part, often used is a primer to give the graphics a layer to attach to. Then a special film, which is printed to a high quality standard, is laid in a large tank of water.

When the part is ready, an activation spray is used which starts dissolving the film, turning it into a liquid. The part is then lowered into the tank, through the layer of film which wraps around the part, bonding to the surface.

After the layer has bonded, a choice of top coats is available, including satin, gloss and matte.

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