Subaru Impreza Wrapped in Blue Aluminium

Subaru Impreza wrapped in Blue Aluminium by Reforma

Subaru Impreza Wrapped in Blue Aluminium

This Subaru Impreza STi came to us in Lapis Blue, a very dark blue colour. The owner wanted to give it a fresh and eye catching look, and chose Blue Aluminium as a wrapping colour.

The Wrap

The wrap of this vehicle began like any other, with a thorough clean! After this many parts are removed to allow a thorough wrap.

Once each panel is wrapped separately, they can then be re-fitted to the vehicle separately. Wrapping panels separately gives the car a seamless look and ensure the vinyl is durable.

The Result

The finished car looks brilliant, the shimmer of the metallic finish sparkles in the sun, and the satin finish looks unique but still easy to keep clean.