Range Rover Vogue – Gloss White Wrap

Range Rover Vogue Gloss White

Range Rover Vogue – Gloss White Wrap

We gave this Range Rover a complete colour change from original Gloss Black to Gloss White!

The Wrap

The Range Rover comes with a gloss black upper section as standard, giving the vehicle a two-tone effect; this is lost when the vehicles bodywork is Gloss Black however! For this vehicle we left the roof section Gloss Black and wrapped the lower body in Gloss White, giving the car a great white and black combination.

To ensure the wrap looks as good as possible, all trim, door handles, bumpers, lights, etc. are removed, so that we can wrap each part separately for the most complete colour change wrap possible.

Resulting Finish

The end result is a Range Rover with a quality Gloss White look which can be fully removed if required. See photos below.