R8 Roof Wrap, Detailing and Carbon

  • Before-Audi R8 Detailing
    After-Audi R8 Detailing
    Before Audi R8 Detailing After

Audi R8 Roof Wrap and Detailing

This Audi R8 received some gloss black detailing, including its roof; as well as some carbon dipped touches.

The Wrap

The rear section of the rear bumper was to be wrapped in gloss black, the space between the 2 sets of rear “blades” to add a stylish look to the rear end. The entire roof including the pillars was wrapped, as well as the rear engine cover section.

Carbon Dipping

The wing mirrors of the R8 were removed and separated from their gloss white bases. The mirror is given a carbon hydrographics treatment, giving it a permanent glossy carbon finish.

The Result

The R8 roof wrap gives the car a sleek appearance whilst the rear gloss black sections add a unique look from behind. The carbon dipped mirrors are the finishing touches to the project.