Matte Black Nissan GTR Wrap

Nissan GTR - Matte Black

Nissan GTR Wrap in Matte Black

We’d wrapped this vehicle before, but it was due a refresh and wrap in Matte Black; also chosen was Carbon-Effect wheels to finish the look.

The Process

The vehicle is brought into our workshop, and put into a designated bay – this is the location where the vehicle is safely stored throughout the wrapping process. The car is jacked up and placed on axle stands, and the 20″ Nissan alloy wheels are removed to be cleaned and then treated in a carbon finish.

The vehicles bumpers, lights, handles and trim are all removed to allow each part to be wrapped separately. The Reforma team work together to carefully wrap each panel to a high standard.

The Result

The finished vehicle looks great, the glossy carbon wheels and matte black bodywork contrast nicely and the carbon detailing on the front bumper adds a unique look to the centre scoop.