Jaguar F-Type Gloss Black Details

Jaguar F-Type fitted with Gloss Black detailing by Reforma

Jaguar F-Type Gloss Black Detailing

This beautiful Jaguar F-Type came to us for some finishing touches. The plan was to give the vehicle a gloss black roof and front splitter section.

The Process

To wrap the roof of this vehicle, we use a high quality wrapping film from Avery, a simple Gloss Black. The Jaguar is brought into our temperature-controlled workshop, and the roof is cleaned thoroughly; a lot of work is in the preparation for the best finish.

The front splitter requires careful removal of the part and then wrapping of the part separately. Once the wrapping is complete, the vinyl is trimmed neatly, and the part is re-fitted.


The finished F-Type looks stunning, the white and black colour scheme continuing on every panel.