Unique Morgan Aero Graphics

Morgan Blog Graphics

It is common for our customers to come to us looking for a unique custom finish for their vehicle. Our in house designers work hard to come up with new innovative concepts to inspire our customers, so when Richard got in touch from Canada wanting to give his two Morgan Aero ’s a ‘British’ theme we couldn’t wait to get started. He was inspired by our Morgan Kits featured on our website and wanted to give his cars a similar look using the union jack design with a distressed finish.

Morgan Aero Blog Graphic Design

To ensure a perfect fitment that would suit the Series 1, we measured each vehicle and adjusted the graphics accordingly. Printed on 3M’s new 480 material, the graphics were carefully hand cut by our in-house production team. This new material offers a high quality finish and flexibility to wrap perfect for the curvature of the Morgan.

Morgan Aero Wrapping In Progress

The sweeping curves of the Morgan Aero made fitting a challenge, to ensure the graphic matches the visual we measured and aligned the graphics before removing the backing and applying to the paintwork. This took patience, precision and skill to accomplish a perfect fitment. Once the entire graphic had been laid, the application tape was removed, revealing the glossy finish of the new custom graphics.

Morgan Aero Graphics Finished Cars

If we say so ourselves, the graphics look fantastic on both cars! The higher quality finish of the 3M 480 material is impressive and gives the graphics that eye catching finish. We don’t usually like to say if we have a favourite but the union jack design on the yellow paintwork looks spectacular and by all accounts it is already getting a lot of attention in Canada.

The vehicles were well-received by their owner Richard, who was very happy with the results and now has a pair of brilliant looking Morgans!

Delphi X-Ray Car Project

Delphi Graphics Blog Split Graphics

When Delphi approached us with the concept of creating an X-ray themed car project we couldn’t wait to get on board. The design aimed to give the impression the car was partially-transparent, revealing only the mechanical and electrical Delphi products below the skin of the car in order to promote specific Delphi products.
Over 20 hours were spent producing the printed graphics for the car by our designer Liam, who produced 3D renders for each angle of the vehicle, which were then customised, shaped and sized to suit each body panel.

Delphi Graphics Blog Design Artwork

We spent time with Delphi brainstorming ideas that would creatively illustrate the range of products and technology that the business offers. Aidan, our in house Graphic Designer came up with the perfect finishing touch for the project, customised wheel covers. This wasn’t something we had done before but the idea perfectly illustrated the Delphi products that would be fitted to vehicles in areas behind the wheel that may have been forgotten.

Delphi Graphics Blog Printing Fitting

It was really important for us to get a high quality print finish to emphasise the intricate design and give it that realistic look. The graphics were then printed in-house onto the latest 3M 480 vinyl wrapping material, this material provides more fitting flexibility and a very good quality print finish. For the rear windows, a specialist Contravision film is used, which allows the graphics to be seen from the outside, but it is still possible to see outside from within the car interior.

Delphi Graphics Blog Hubcap Rear

We fitted customised wheel covers which had printed graphics on to illustrate the Delphi products that would be fitted to vehicles in areas behind the wheel, which helps to perfectly illustrate the range of products and technology that the business offers.

The car was exhibited and used to promote the business at various automotive trade events including Automechanika in Birmingham (see below image), where it was center stage.

Delphi VW Up Automechanika Birmingham Blog

We loved seeing Delphi’s vision and ideas come alive throughout this project – it allowed us to think outside the box to make their idea a reality. To discuss a project or get a quotation, email us at hello@leewhite.co.uk

Thank you to Delphi for the project; visit them at www.delphi.com

Range Rover Sport: SVR

SVR Range Rover Blog Reforma

Range Rover Sport SVR – The Ultimate Sports SUV

There’s something to be said about a vehicle which combines two things that usually sit at opposite ends of the spectrum of the car world; A large, high-up offroading vehicle and high speed performance that attains you a 8 minute, 14 second lap of the Nurburgring.

The Range Rover Sport SVR was released in 2014 and offers a 5.0 litre Supercharged V8 engine which allows this 2,100kg vehicle to propel from zero to sixty-two in only 4.7 seconds!

This mammoth of a vehicle is fitted with high performance in mind in every aspect, including harder sports suspension which enabled it to get that Nurburgring time, and some of the biggest brake discs you’ve ever seen on a road going vehicle.

SVR: Special Vehicles Operations
We wrapped this Range Rover earlier this year in Satin Pearl White, whilst maintaining the gloss black pillars and roof; giving it a nice two-tone look and a unique colour on a vehicle of this nature.

Range Rover SVR Reforma

In addition to the improved performance, the SVR model also features a redesigned front bumper with large air dams, the body sits lower, the alloy wheels are larger and the wheel arches are wider thanks to the bulging arch trims; giving the vehicle a more aggressive look.

International Geneva Motor Show 2016

Geneva Motor Show 2016 Reforma

The Geneva Motor Show is an annually held event, and is used by car manufacturers and customisers to promote their brand and products. The Auto Salon has been running since 1905 and has seen a lot of automotive history being made over the last century.

A wide range of automotive manufacturers were in attendance, such as Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Ferrari, Koenigsegg and Lamborghini, as well as many worldwide manufacturers.

Some big announcements were made in the world of supercars, such as the Lamborghini Centenario which celebrates 100 years since Lamborghini founder Ferruccio was born.

Rolls Royce announced they would be producing “Black Badge” vehicles, offering more customisation and options for existing Rolls Royce models such as the Wraith and Ghost.

Geneva Motor Show 2016

Bugatti were displaying the new 1,479hp Chiron in a bright blue colour, fitted with gloss black wheels with a aluminium face. Only 500 vehicles of this model will be built, making it a reasonably exclusive hypercar, the Veyron having ended production at 450 units.

The DB11 by Aston Martin was unveiled, replacing the well known DB9 which was released over 10 years ago, in 2003. It features a new look that is clearly still inspired by the older design whilst adding modern touches.

Geneva Motor Show 2016 Centenario Chiron

Overall some fantastic looking vehicles seem to be coming soon from various manufacturers this year and for 2017. We can’t wait to see some of these designs in person!

Chrome Wrapping by Reforma

Reforma Chrome Wrapping

Chrome wrapping is one of those unique finishes which looks great on almost any vehicle – We’ve wrapped Cars, 4x4s and even Trucks in chrome before with great results.

Reforma Chrome Wrapping Black Chrome

Our most recent project is this Volkswagen Transporter Camper. This van was wrapped in Black Chrome, which is a dark tinted version of a regular chrome finish, giving it a look that’s a mix between Gloss Black and Chrome.

Reforma Chrome Wrapping Green Chrome

Green Chrome: This Mercedes Actros Truck was wrapped in a custom Green Chrome, a colour that was designed and printed in-house, directly onto chrome material. Find out more about this project on our sister site, LW Graphics.

Chrome Wrapping Purple Chrome

Another wrap created by printing onto chrome, this purple chrome Porsche Cayenne is 100% unique and looked great on the sleek lines of the Porsche.

Chrome Wrapping Silver Chrome

This Nissan GT-R received a full wrap in silver chrome, giving it a mirror look. This awesome looking car was a head turner! Read more and see photos in our Nissan GTR Chrome Wrap case study!

The Great Yorkshire Show with Reforma UK

Great Yorkshire Show Reforma 2015

The Great Yorkshire Show is held annually at the Harrogate Showground, offering a wide range of Yorkshire based food, animals, people and businesses; all displaying their skills. This year it was the 157th consecutive year that the show has been running, making it a show that just can’t be missed!

Great Yorkshire Show Volkswagen Transporter

Specially for the show, we gave our Volkswagen Transporter a complete makeover, giving it a unique “Blue Raspberry” colour change wrap with a custom graphic below, giving the bodywork an “embossed” effect. In addition, the wheels were refurbished and powder coated in a matte gunmetal colour, matte black side steps were added and the van was cleaned thoroughly, giving it a brand new appearance ready for the show.

Great Yorkshire Show Lamborghini Aventador

The Lamborghini Aventador we displayed really got some attention! This vehicle was fitted with a paint protection kit, which is a clear protective vinyl film which fits to the contours of the bodywork on the bumper, bonnet, headlights, wing mirrors and side skirt areas.

Great Yorkshire Show Honda MSX

We also customised our wrappers motorbike, a Honda MSX, in a customised hydrographics pattern, as well as matte gunmetal highlights, which became the centrepiece of our stand at the show. We had a great few days in the sun speaking to people at the Great Yorkshire Show 2015.

Luxury Motor Show with Reforma UK

Luxury Motor Show Nottingham Reforma

The Luxury Motor show is an annual event held in the beautiful grounds of Goosedale, with luxury and supercars being the main agenda. The show also donates all profits to the When You Wish Upon a Star charity, who grant the Wishes of children between the ages of 2 – 16 years old who are living with a life threatening illness.

Luxury Motor Show Goosedale P1

We displayed a vehicle we had wrapped previously, a Rolls Royce Phantom, finished in Pearl White. This vehicle is impressive to see, especially with its large dimensions; it is very imposing and eye catching. We proudly displayed our work and many excited visitors to the show came and saw, with an amazing amount of selfies being taken!



Luxury Motor Show Lamborghini Huracan

Our wrap was so seamless people couldn’t tell; we added a graphic to the vehicle just to point it out – There is none of the original blue colour visible. Another impressive aspect of this vehicle is that the door insert and shut areas were also wrapped in pearl white, for a seamless colour change.

Luxury Motor Show Rolls Royce Phantom


Overall, the show was great. A selection of beautiful and interesting vehicles alongside the pretty Nottinghamshire countryside. Find out more about Luxury Motor Show.

Formula 1 Jerez Testing 2015

formula 1 jerez

As the Formula 1 season starts to come around again, with only four short weeks away until the Formula 1 2015 season launch in Melbourne, Australia. With a dramatic end to the season on and off the track, the Formula 1 crown going to the dominant Mercedes and an off season that saw a number of top flight drivers change teams, the excitement was high to see how the 2015 formula 1 season would shape up. This month saw the Formula 1 testing in Jerez to give us a sneak peak into the future of the Formula 1 season.
formula 1 jerez
Mercedes showed up to Jerez with high expectations, and high pressures as they are already foreseen as the out and out favourites to take the title cleanly once again. The majority of the attention was towards Toto Wollf, Nikki Lauda and Lewis Hamilton, as the three are still in intense negotiations over securing Hamilton a long-term future at Formula 1 Mercedes. Toto Wolff has admitted he would like to agree a new deal with the formula 1 world champion before the season begins.
formula 1 jerez
The Mercedes formula 1 car seemed mostly unchanged. The green paint in the images below is not a new livery, which the Mercedes team are sporting but for aerodynamics testing. Rumours around the circuit claimed the Mercedes team were holding back at the Jerez circuit to not give away too much of their performance for the season ahead.
formula 1 jerez
Red Bull stood out in Jerez for their drastically different graphic livery. The livery isn’t intended to be Red Bull’s new colours for the 2015 season but acts as a secret graphic designed to mask some of the surfaces and features of the new Red Bull formula one car. Similar graphics can usually been seen on road cars months before they make it to the production market. What exactly Red Bull are hiding on their new Formula one car is yet to be seen. They didn’t take their car to full power in testing and seemed to struggle in certain areas.
formula 1 jerez
Pressure is high on the young team of Red Bull, with Ricciardo seen as the primary driver after just one season with the team. After a strong finish last season though and the only driver to take race wins over the dominant Mercedes, Ricciardo seems a worthy contestant to bring the formula one crown back to Red Bull. If that wasn’t enough, this month saw Ricciardo smash Hamilton’s power lap time on Top Gear by almost a second to be the fastest driver on the Top Gear formula one power lap board.
formula 1 jerez
McLaren suffered one of their most disappointing seasons in Formula 1 history in 2014. However the pre-season news for the return of engine suppliers Honda and two time formula one champion Alonso coming back to Mclaren, high hopes are with the woking team for 2015. The livery has ditched the stealth look of 2014 and brought back the chrome finish mixed with Honda red graphics. Only time will tell how the experience team of Button and Alonso will work out on track with the new Honda enignes behind them, but team principal Ron Dennis is expecting a podium finish for the team in Melbourne, which is a huge improvement on last seasons performances.
formula 1 jerez
The Ferrari team were the clear high achievers and most successful in the Jerez Formula 1 testing week. Kimi Raikkonen took the fast lap time of the weekend with team mate Sebastian Vettel only one tenth behind his team mate. Along with the majority of the other teams Ferrari has manage to ditch the horrible nose design from last year for something more aesthetically pleasing this season. The Italian team are looking much stronger and with four time champion Vettel behind the wheel hopes are high for a season challenging for the Formula 1 championship. However, Italian team boss is not running away with title hopes just yet. He lead speculations to other teams not showing their true potential and hasn’t quickly forgotten that Ferrari were one of the best teams in testing for 2014, but didn’t transfer it to the grid for the rest of the season.
formula 1 jerez
Vettel has been in the spotlight for Ferrari off the track for good and bad reasons. The four time champion has recently come under criticism for his 2015 helmet design being ‘a complete rip off’ of Schumachers helmet design from his karting days. There are similarities between the two but both are a simple white helmet design paying tribute to their German roots through a graphic flag.
formula 1 jerez
Vettel was also handed the keys to the 2.5million euros, Ferrari FXX K which is the track version of the La Ferrari. The stunning machine is only set to produce 40 units and Ferrari have already sold all of them. A 6.2 litre V12 engine combined with electric motors to give a combined output of 1050 Hp. Vettel is definitely enjoying the benefits, which come with his new formula one team.
formula 1 jerez
Jerez has given us a sneak peak into how the championship may shape up. With some new interesting inter team battles, and the incredibly experience grid of over ten world championships wins spread around the high teams, anything could happen throughout the season. Mercedes are still the favourites, all eyes on Hamilton to take his third world championship even though the confetti has only just settled from last seasons victory. Tune in to the Melbourne opening grand prix in March to see how the season gets underway.



Detroit Motor Show – The Return of the Ford GT

Detroit Motor Show

This month saw the launch of the hotly anticipated car show of the year, returning to the home of muscle cars and everything four wheeled and powerful, the Detroit Motor show in motor city. Detroit has always been the home of the car industry especially for America. The working mans hero, drag racing Camaro’s and Mustang between the lights, is the heart and soul of Detroit city. However, today the city as fallen, with car manufacturers moving from the city and the centre, which had a damaging impact on the city. A sad sight for all car lovers, and many love to see the city get back to its former glory, so to see the annual detroit motor show kicking the 2015 year off, is a special sight to see.

Here at Reforma we took a look at what the show served, with a high expectation for power, muscle and some crazy concept cars to set 2015 off on a high.

Ford GT

Undoubtedly the star of the Detroit motor show was the Ford GT. The Ford Gt is the iconic hero imagined with Detroit city, the two go hand in hand in the American auto world. Ford teased an image GT which raged a buzz of excitement. With the last Ford GT40 being a huge success, the new concept would have a lot to live upto. When the covers were finally pulled back a stunning sculpture laid waiting in electric blue, fully fitting of the titles, muscle car and concept car. The new GT has some styling cues reminiscent of the of the original model but dramatically restyled as a modern futuristic ‘ultra high performance supercar’ as Ford is describing it. Thinking of this car as a re-invention of the GT40 (like the last model) you will feel a little disappointed. However approaching this as a futuristic, super car world beater by the Ford Gt department, and this vehicle is dramtically exciting, taking the working mans representative to the fight with the Europeans such as Lambo and Ferrari. The Ford is pure power, with the company claiming will be one of the greatest power to weight ratio, production vehicles available today. With a 600bhp twin turbo, V6 eco-boost engine we can’t wait to hear how the sounds matches up to the crazy styling of this beautiful beast. Deservedly the star of the Detroit motor show.
Detroit Motor Show

Acura NSX

Acura released the production ready version of their NSX. The long awaited production car since the 2013 concept was revealed was met with mixed reactions. Many fans of the NSX brand, were happy to see the Acura back on the road in such power form, boasting figures north of 550 bhp with the twin turbocharged V6, all combined with three electric motors. A few were a little disappointed with the NSX, in areas it seems a little fussy and over styled, with one too many vents (tops of the bonnet, and front quarter panel). Acura claim an amazing soundtrack to match the angular styled supercar. Orders are already coming in with expected delivery later on in the year.
Detroit Motor Show

Hyundai Santa Cruz

Detroit Motor Show
It wouldn’t be an American, Detroit motor show without some pickup trucks on offer and there were plenty in sight for people to get into theme of the motor show. The Nissan Titan and Toyota Tacoma took honourable mentions in our pick of the bunch. Both commanded a power, presence and capable practicality, only achievable by a pick up truck. However the clear winner, was the outrageous looking beast which was the Hyundai Santa Cruz concept. The pick up driver of the future was the clear user in minded for this crossover truck concept, with a futuristic metal satin finish on the body work, an abundance of details scatted around the car with a citrus accent colours themed all around the car definitely stood out at the show. The truck definitely felt modern, and is the type of beast you’d turn off the road for to get out of the way of.
Detroit Motor Show

Mercedes Luxury in Motion

Detroit Motor Show
Mercedes definitely took the crown for most conceptual looking car at the Detroit motor show with their all-new F 015 Luxury in Motion concept. Mercedes describes the interesting concept as a “self driving luxury sedan”, tackling the issue of what will future luxury, particularly interior luxury, look like once autonomous cars are widely accepted on the roads. The interior boasts some interesting forms, with a social emphasis on the seating layout, with all seats facing eachother, and the driver positon 180 degree changeable for different driving modes. Projected large interfaces on the interior offer technology social activites amongst all the passengers inside. The exterior is just as crazy/interesting. Not stading on any kind of proportions we have seen before, with a long sweeping line from front to rear. Mercedes is clearly showing they are thinking all about ‘tomorrow’ and where we will be.
Detroit Motor Show

These were just some of our favourite picks of the show. It was definitely a fantastic start to the year at the Detroit motor show, and leads into a very exciting 2015. Let us know what you think of our choices and if there was any others you would like to have seen on our list.

Reforma at Autosport International Show

Autosport Show Blog Reforma

Autosport International takes place at the Birmingham NEC Arena, taking place over 4 full days for both Trade and the General Public.

Businesses from all over the UK and throughout the world set up display stands to show off the work they can do, offering their skills, products and services.

82,400 people visited the 2014 show, from 63 countries visiting over 600 exhibitors. This is an impressive event!

Aston Martin James Bond Spectre

It was great to see the Top Gear Rally Car as seen at Wales Rally GB 2014. Our designer Shabaz Bashir, created the design for a Top Gear competition, which we won – and the design was wrapped onto the Top Gear Hyundai i20! There was an impressive Wales Rally GB stand at Autosport, with the TG Rally Car prominently placed.

Another impressive stand was the MG stand, featuring a miniature racing circuit with remote control race cars, for up to 15 people to race against each other, with a commentator helping things along. Our friends at Ginetta had a large stand displaying their vehicles and racing information.

Overall the show was excellent, and we’ll be attending again in 2016!