Cosmic Blue and Brushed Steel Phantom

rolls royce phantom cosmic blue wrap

We caught up with our vehicle wrapper Scott to see how his recent Rolls Royce Phantom project went, and what he thought of the results! We gave the car a full wrap in 3M 1080 Cosmic Blue, with a Brushed Steel bonnet.

rolls royce phantom cosmic blue wrap progress

Q: What is the Cosmic Blue material like to work with?

We’ve worked with 3M 1080 for a long time, and we have plenty of experience wrapping with it; It’s flexible enough to work with the large size and difficult shapes and curves found on the Phantom.

Q: How is the Rolls Royce Phantom to wrap?

Overall the vehicle is quite difficult, as there are a lot of large panels. One of the biggest is the roof and rear quarters, as they are smoothed into one piece and so need careful work to ensure a good finish.

rolls royce phantom cosmic blue front bonnet brushed

Q: What do you think about the finished car?

I think it looks awesome, really nice. The brushed bonnet wrap added a nice contrast against the Cosmic Blue bodywor. The 3M 1080 film is easy to fit and great to work with, and the result is an amazing finish.

Two Tone Colours – The Rolls Royce Signature

Rolls Royce Wraith Wrapped Side

Rolls Royce’s have featured two-tone finishes and looks since the Silver Cloud from the mid-fifties; those cars having the lower section of the bodywork in one colour, and the sections above the doorhandles in another, contrasting color, usually silver, but sometimes black.

rolls royce silver cloud blog

In modern Rolls Royces, it is possible to specify the vehicle with a contrasting brushed steel bonnet from the factory, however there’s a lot more flexibility in wrapping your bonnet and or roof/boot sections in a contrasting colour or finish.

rolls royce wraith wrapped silver bits

Recently we fitted a Metallic Silver Bonnet, Roof and Boot section to a Rolls Royce Wraith, which really suits this treatment as the bodywork features a sculpture line that continues the full length of the vehicle, just like the Silver Cloud. This even extends around the famous chrome Rolls Royce front grille, tying the front and back of the vehicle together cohesively.

rolls royce phantom cosmic blue front bonnet brushed

Another, more premium finish than a Gloss Metallic, is one of our Brushed finishes – there’s a range of them available in different shades. The one we chose for the Phantom above was Brushed Steel, which adds a realistic steel texture, look and feel which adds great detail to the bodywork.

It’s not just limited to Rolls Royces either – we can supply and fit one of these amazing finishes to your vehicle; get in touch and see what we can do for you.

Spotted: Bentley Bentayga

bentley bentayga reforma

Released in 2016, the Bentayga is Bentley’s first modern SUV; combining the premium look and feel that they are known for, with the larger, off-road capable body of a full-size SUV. The car boasts some pretty impressive statistics; it’s the worlds fastest SUV, with a top speed of 187mph. It weighs 2.4 tonnes and can still do 0 – 60mph in 4 seconds – and still has some off-road capability.

bentley bentayga car show

I feel like there’s a lot of potential for customizing this new addition to the Bentley range, we’ve seen before that Bentley’s can look good in both a classic, Pearl White, as well as an aggressive Matte Black. We’ve wrapped Bentley Continentals in both and found great results in both cases.

bentley bentayga wrapped

The strong presence of the Bentayga lends itself to a colour which is custom and personal to the owner – and we can provide that with our range of wrapping films. We have over 200 colours and finishes to choose from, and there is sure to be one for your Bentayga.

Wrapping the M4 Nardo Grey

We had a chat with Brad, after he completed work on the BMW M4 that we wrapped in Nardo Grey. Brad did a large portion of the wrapping on this one, so it was almost his personal project for the week.

Q: How did your overall process work?

I started by stripping the car down, ready for preparation. Once this is complete, I cleaned each panel thoroughly until the entire car was clean and dry.
The wrapping then started, beginning at the rear of the vehicle, working forwards to the front end. After each panel is wrapped, it then gets trimmed along the edges.
When the whole car has been wrapped, the car starts to be re-assembled and cleaned, ready for collection.

Q: What is the material like to work with? Are there any special considerations needed?

We used Avery Supreme Gloss Grey as the main bodywork colour, as this is quite similar to Audi’s Nardo Grey paint option. I find this a really easy material to work with, as it goes around the corners easily, and it takes heat really well – which makes corners and recesses quicker and easier.

bmw m4 blog wrap

Q: What is the BMW M4 like to wrap, are there any difficult bodywork/trim sections to deal with?

Overall it was middle of the road, not too hard but not easy either. The panel I found hardest was the rear tailgate, as it has a large flat top section, and a sharp corner which is curved – meaning some careful stretching and manipulation of the vinyl is needed.

Q: Are you happy with the results? What do you think about the completed car?

I’m really happy with the finished results, it’s one of my favorite wrapped cars i’ve ever seen. I loved the colour which helped, and the gloss black details we added really finished it off.

bmw m4 nardo grey wrap front

Lamborghini Transformed from Orange to White

lamborghini huracan stephen blog

We sat down for a chat with a member of our vehicle wrapping team, Stephen, to speak with him about the Lamborghini Huracan he wrapped last month, transforming it from the original Aranco Borealis to a classic Gloss White colour.

Q: What did your overall process involve?

In addition to our regular wrapping process, more trim is required to be removed to allow a perfect finish; such as the large “Sill” trims and the petrol cap assembly. This ensures that all of the Orange bodywork is covered, a perfect colour change.

Q: What is the material like to work with? Are there any special considerations needed?

We used Avery Supreme Gloss White and Gloss Black – This is my favourite material to work with, as it’s very conformable and efficient to fit, as well as having a great finish. Some difficult parts to wrap can be pointed edges, the Huracan has quite a lot of them! On certain panels, seperate pieces of vinyl need to be used and joined – however it’s done in a very clever way that makes it almost impossible to see where.

lee stephen wrapping lamborghini

Q: What is the bodywork of the Huracan like to wrap, are there any difficult bodywork/trim sections to deal with?

There’s lots of sharp lines and pointy bits of bodywork in the design of this car, it’s part of Lamborghini’s style. Me and the team have a lot of experience with these sorts of challenges, and we always have a great result. The original colour being Orange also adds a challenge, as even a tiny spot of original colour visible from the outside would ruin the look – so every panel has to be wrapped very thoroughly.

Q: The gloss black detailing on the car made a big difference to the look, how do you make the two-tone look so good?

We spend a lot of time finding the best areas to add a contrasting colour to, as there’s a few different ways it could be done. We try to find a natural contour line that reflects light in the right way – the gloss black vinyl then begins at this point and is wrapped to cover the specific section we want to contrast.

Q: Are you happy with the results? What do you think about the completed car?

This is one of the best projects i’ve worked on, the colour change from orange to White/Black was a huge transformation and it was really satisfying to stand back and look at the amazing result. See the full case study of this project here.

Lamborghini Huracan 1380 Gloss White Side

Car Colour Trends in 2016 and beyond

Colour trends have evolved continuously over time, from the ethos of “any color as long as it’s black” on the Ford Model T, through the highly saturated colors of the 60’s, the metallic’s of the 80’s and the purples and greens of the 90’s. The last 20 years have been rather monotone, however – 2015’s top car colors in the UK were White, Black and Grey; at #1, #2 and #3 respectively. This matches the rest of the world, too, with 70% of the world’s car colours being White, Black, Silver and Grey.

reforma rare colours beluga brown smooth mint

In recent years we’ve seen older colours returning in the form of trends, such as Audi’s “Beluga Brown” and Mini’s “British Racing Green”. We work on quite a lot of new Range Rovers, and have noticed a new brown/champagne colour “Kaikoura Stone”, a very unique metallic colour. Fiat offer a “Smooth Mint” Green colour, and Porsche’s “Miami Blue”, a throwback to the ocean blue-like colours of the past.

uk top colours 2016

Interestingly, it was thought that Brown would trend and become a favourite for this year, however instead we’ve seen a 23% drop since 2014 in Brown car purchases; instead Black and White lead the way – which could come from the rise of minimalist design and monotone colours being used for other modern purchases, such as phones, TV’s and other electronic devices increasingly being sold in either Black or White.

audi tt nardo grey maserati granturismo black

What’s hard to predict, though, is the colour trends as we move into 2017. It’s looking like we could see Black paint taking a lead, with Grey on it’s tail. Car companies like BMW and Audi have started offering grey colours for their cars, something which was rarely seen previously.

Colour Flip could make a return – companies like MINI and Nissan offered this type of paint technology in around 2004. Recently, premium vinyl suppliers 3M and Avery Dennison released colour flipping vinyl, giving even more possibilities for your vehicle.

ford ranger colour flip vinyl

Whatever the colour trends and tastes bring next year, we can offer hundreds of colour options and finishes; Including Metallics, Mattes, Chromes and Colour Flip vinyl wraps.
Protect your original bodywork with a high quality wrap while adding a new colour of your choice, wether its something trending, or something else.

Ferrari Carbon Roof Wrapping: The Process

ferrari 458 carbon roof angled front

We sat down for a chat with a member of our vehicle wrapping team, Stephen, who has been with us for nearly 3 years. He recently worked on the Ferrari 458 Roof Wrap, which was completed in 3M’s 1080 Carbon Wrap material.

Q: What did your overall process involve?

It started with dismantling of the trims around the roof and windows, which involves unbolting the various rubber seals from these sections. This allows us to take the vinyl wrap further on each panel and surrounding areas, ensuring the original colour is not visible.

We then measured the panels, and did this in a way that ensured the carbon weave would all follow the same direction consistently. The area is then masked up and wiped with a “tack cloth”, which removes traces of dust and dirt still left behind.

The panels are then wrapped one by one, using 1 – 2 additional team members to help me; to ease the process. As each section is completed, the vinyl is trimmed and edges are tucked away neatly, to give it a flush finish throughout.

The work is then given a full check-over, to ensure high quality throughout. The trims we removed earlier are then carefully re-installed and the vehicle is given a clean and polish to complete the look.

stephen reforma wrapping roof carbon

Q: What is the material like to work with? Are there any special considerations needed?

The material is high quality and good to work with; the only difficulty is ensuring the carbon weave lines up between multiple panels.

Q: What is the Ferrari 488 roof like to wrap, are there any difficult bodywork/trim sections to deal with?

The roof is quite curvaceous, and larger than the width of our vinyl. This means some slight manipulation of the vinyl is required to make sure it fits whilst retaining the consistent carbon look. This makes it quite difficult to fit, but this is where the enjoyment comes!

Q: Are you happy with the results? What do you think about the completed car?

I am really happy with the result, and I find that subtle changes, such as this carbon roof, make a huge visual improvement on the overall vehicle – especially when tied in with other subtle modifications throughout the vehicle, such as sill areas and other trim.

stephen reforma ferrari 458 roof wrap carbon

New Release: Avery Supreme ColorFlow

avery supreme colorflow range driving promo

ColorFlow from Avery Dennison is here! In September 2016, A range of 5 unique vinyls were released by premium vinyl manufacturer Avery Dennison, as part of their existing “Supreme” range.

The vinyls offer a new way to fit a “flip” color; this is something normally found in paint technology that allows multiple colors to appear in a vehicles bodywork, depending on the lighting and viewing angle.

avery supreme colorflow range 2016

There are 5 new colors to choose from, ranging from vibrant blues, to deep greens and purples; there’s a ColorFlow vinyl for everyone! See the range of options below.

We loved ColorFlow so much, we wrapped our own project vehicle in it, the Reforma Wraptor. See how we did it and the finished results in our case study.

Roaring Thunder

This vinyl appears as a pretty blue colour, with a touch of purple in darker lights, however when the color flips, a glorious red color emerges to complement it.

avery supreme colorflow roaring thunder

avery supreme colorflow fresh spring

Fresh Spring

The vibrant gold of this vinyl is most apparent, however at different angles, the vinyl takes on silvers and greens, giving the vehicle a whole new look.

Rushing Riptide

This satin cyan vinyl wrap offers a beautiful metallic hue to any vehicle, but flips to become a deep purple colour.

avery supreme colorflow rushing riptide

avery supreme colorflow rising sun

Rising Sun

The smooth, satin cherry red of this vinyl wrap is a unique shade and looks awesome. When it hits the light in the right way, however, a metallic gold colour is revealed within.

Urban Jungle

We chose this colour for our very own Ford Wraptor Project! The deep, satin green finish flips into a royal purple finish in the darkness.

avery supreme colorflow urban jungle

No matter which color suits you most – we can supply and fit these fantastic vinyl wraps to your vehicle; if you’re interested, get in touch and we can provide full pricing and product information.

Telephone: 0844 880 5380 / Email:

Released: Range Rover Evoque Convertible

range rover evoque convertible interior exterior

Earlier this year, Range Rover released the Range Rover Evoque Convertible, after teasing the idea with concepts for the last 4 years. Full size concepts were shown at the major automotive events such as the Geneva and the LA Motor Shows. In October 2014, full size wireframe models of the vehicles were found outside landmarks in London.

range rover evoque convertible wireframe

In March 2015, the vehicle was filmed in camouflage, driving the new Crossrail tunnels in London, an elaborate marketing & testing exercise to promote the upcoming vehicle. The 2016 release year was promoted to show that it was coming soon – exciting prospective future owners!

This got us curious about the project – the idea of a convertible SUV sounds like an interesting idea – something that hasn’t been done for a long time, and arcs back to the original Land Rovers that had canvas roofs.

range rover evoque testing crossrail

At the end of Summer 2016, the Evoque convertible has now been released – Offering owners the unique combination of a premium Range Rover interior, combined with open top wind-in-the-hair motoring action.

The model retains its modern premium off-roader looks, and removes the roof in a clean and tasteful manner; the side profile still looks tough and very much “Range Rover”, whether the roof is up or down.

The reviews of the car are mixed so far – the car sacrifices some practicality for style; the boot is small, however where else do you get open air motoring in a vehicle capable of 45 degree ascents?

range rover evoque convertible snow show

The most common customisation we apply to the Standard Evoque is a roof wrap – obvious this won’t work here (it’s fabric!), however there are customisation options available; such as Full Colour Change Wraps, Colour Coding, Light Tints or Vinyl Graphics.

Unsure about what you’d like? Visit our case studies section for inspiration, or contact us and we can help you with your project.

Unique Morgan Aero Graphics

Morgan Blog Graphics

It is common for our customers to come to us looking for a unique custom finish for their vehicle. Our in house designers work hard to come up with new innovative concepts to inspire our customers, so when Richard got in touch from Canada wanting to give his two Morgan Aero ’s a ‘British’ theme we couldn’t wait to get started. He was inspired by our Morgan Kits featured on our website and wanted to give his cars a similar look using the union jack design with a distressed finish.

Morgan Aero Blog Graphic Design

To ensure a perfect fitment that would suit the Series 1, we measured each vehicle and adjusted the graphics accordingly. Printed on 3M’s new 480 material, the graphics were carefully hand cut by our in-house production team. This new material offers a high quality finish and flexibility to wrap perfect for the curvature of the Morgan.

Morgan Aero Wrapping In Progress

The sweeping curves of the Morgan Aero made fitting a challenge, to ensure the graphic matches the visual we measured and aligned the graphics before removing the backing and applying to the paintwork. This took patience, precision and skill to accomplish a perfect fitment. Once the entire graphic had been laid, the application tape was removed, revealing the glossy finish of the new custom graphics.

Morgan Aero Graphics Finished Cars

If we say so ourselves, the graphics look fantastic on both cars! The higher quality finish of the 3M 480 material is impressive and gives the graphics that eye catching finish. We don’t usually like to say if we have a favourite but the union jack design on the yellow paintwork looks spectacular and by all accounts it is already getting a lot of attention in Canada.

The vehicles were well-received by their owner Richard, who was very happy with the results and now has a pair of brilliant looking Morgans!